When you start up the game then you can choose the resolution and go to the right you can press input to see the controls for game. If you want to edit the controls it’s only to change them there and then start the game. Observe that attack button is on the left click on the mouse controller.

Getting started

Start download the game by pressing the download tab and in there press the download link. Unzip the game with winrar, winzip or other unzip programs. Press the .exe file choose controls on input tab or just start play with the standard controls. Create an account on the webisite and then use those credentials in the game by pressing the login button. Put in them start play and when finished playing press upload data. Then you can see your stats on the website. Coming back next login and press download data button in menu and then start play. Then you get your saved stats on the website into the game, then can continue from where quited last time.


In the community you can take up problems in the forum. Read news about the game. If get stucked then you can send a contact form about the problem to the admins. Download the game, see your stats and achievements from the game and a introduction about the game in the tutorial tab.